Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | 7-17-14 Minutes

Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association Board Meeting-Revised

Thursday, July 17, 2014 at CBIP Conference Room/Wailea Gateway Plaza

Present: Peter Davis, President; Karin Carlson, Vice President, Craig Haueisen, Treasurer; Debra Greene, Secretary; Daniel Kanahele; Bonnie Newman; and Bob Offermann.

Guest: Charlie Jencks
Absent: Gail Gentry


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Peter Davis, President at 6:17 pm


Approval of Minutes: Motion to accept minutes of 5-15-14. Board voted. Motion passed


Treasurer’s Report: Craig reported a balance of $7,120.39

Charlie Jencks Presentation: Charlie Jencks, Developer of the Wailea 670/Honua’ula project, gave a presentation about the history of the project from when he took over in 2001 until now. Highlights: in 2001 Charlie met with community organizations and NGOs to get input. In 2006 zoning approved, in 2008 Mayor approved. Then conditions of approval: extend Piilani hwy, then two EISs needed and approved. In 2010 Sierra Club and Maui Unite sued county for accepting EIS. Since then have been trying to resolve lawsuit involving archeological survey, native plant preservation, endangered moth species, wider buffer, and lighting ordinances. 130 acre native plant cultural preservation area agreed at southern end near Makena. Questions were asked about the buffer, noise pollution, water sources, light pollution, the native plant preservation area, the golf amenity, density of houses, and where construction will begin, among other things. Charlie said he would respond to unanswered questions by email through Peter.


Membership: Bonnie reported that there is one new member. Also that she completed the membership database and had sent it to Board members.


Road Maintenance: Bob reported that on August 20 he and John Smith, traffic engineer, will ride around Maui
Meadows together to assess the condition of the roads to determine where repairs are needed.


Home Based Business Ordinance: Peter spoke with Don Couch who said he will bring up the issue after the upcoming election.


Web page update: Debra updated the Board on PayPal costs. There is no charge for PayPal except if someone uses a credit card to pay via PayPal. Then the fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. So for a $25 membership it would cost $1.02. The PayPal account will link to the MMNA bank account.


Motion by Craig to reaffirm using PayPal in light of the fees by PayPal. Board Voted. Motion passed.


Smart Meter update: Debra reported that recent research by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy shows that cell towers negatively impact real estate values and desirability. More smart meters mean more cell towers. She reported that HECO/MECO/HELCO announced plans in March to rollout smart meters all over Maui County, Big Island, and Oahu by 2018.


Greenwaste Dumping Issue: Someone contacted the Board through the website and asked what we could do about a neighbor who is dumping greenwaste. Peter advised that we not get involved. He said it is a police issue.
Newsletter update: Debra reported that she loaded the member email addresses into Mail Chimp and sent out a draft of a newsletter to Board members. She asked if everyone wants to contribute or if she should write it. Discussion ensued. The decision was made for Debra to write the bulk of the newsletter, to ask for contributions from other Board members beforehand, and for Bonnie to proofread it before it goes out. The intention is to send it out roughly quarterly.

Speed Law Enforcement: Daniel asked if Officer Kibby could be contacted to patrol and prosecute speeders in Maui Meadows. Discussion ensued. Do we want more police presence or risk someone getting killed? Decision was made to include a piece about the speeding issue in the upcoming newsletter, especially mentioning the risk of death if you hit someone and are speeding.

Board Vacancy: Bonnie asked about Gail, who has moved to the mainland. Peter said he expects her resignation soon. Decision was made to include an announcement about the vacancy in the upcoming newsletter.

Adjournment: 7:54 pm

Next Meeting: Thursday August 28 or 21, 2014, depending on guest speaker Lucienne de Naie’s availability. Bonnie will contact her and get back to us.

6:00 pm

Coldwell Banker Island Properties Office/ Meeting Room/Wailea Gateway Plaza