Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | 11-20-14 Minutes

11-20-14 Minutes

Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association Board Meeting


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Present: Peter Davis, President; Debra Greene, Secretary; Daniel Kanahele; Bonnie Newman; Bob Offermann; and Craig Haueisen, Treasurer (arrived 1.25 hours late)


Absent: Karin Carlson; Joe Ritter




Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Peter Davis at 6:10 p.m.


Approval of Minutes

Motion to accept minutes of 9-25-14. Board voted. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report

Via Peter Craig had reported a balance of $6210.41.


OLD Business


Membership Update

Bonnie reported that we have 140 members.


Road Maintenance/Stop Sign Update

Bob reported that he spoke with Christie, a new engineer in the Department of Public Works, and she said they may be able to get to sealing the roads in Maui Meadows by the end of next year. No change in stop sign and speed bumps. Peter will write a letter to request the stop sign at Mapu and Kupulau.


Website Update

Debra reported that she met with Tom Kelly and they installed the new menu tab for minutes/records and added in the newsletter to the website. He did not charge for his work/training because he stood Debra up at a prior scheduled meeting.  It was discussed and decided to name the new menu tab Records. Only current and future minutes will be posted to the website. Debra will send out an announcement reminding members to renew their memberships online prior to the Annual Meeting in January.


Misc. Items of Discussion

The Board agreed that it would be a good idea to encourage renters to join MMNA, as many are under the impression that they cannot. Peter reported that Don Couch asked if we could get him, a non-resident of Maui Meadows, into the NextDoor Maui Meadows website. After a brief discussion it was determined that this is not in our purview. Peter will contact Larry Shapiro, Moderator of the NextDoor website, to find out if this is even allowed under the rules of the NextDoor network.


Home Based Business Ordinance

The Home-Based Business Ordinance passed out of the Planning Committee with revisions and has been referred to the County Council for a final rounds of public hearings and discussion before a final vote on the bill.


DOH Cesspool Rules

Peter reported that the current Governor will not sign the proposal into law during his administration. The DOH has now proposed revised rules but these revisions are not likely to be passed as numerous entities are in opposition, such as the state legislature and the HI Association of Realtors.


Short Term Rental Ordinance

Peter reported there was a hearing today but nothing substantial happened. A review of the ordinance every two years was built in to the original bill. The planning committee made suggestions and those will be acted on next year. They may or may not include a cap on the number of short term vacation rentals in Maui Meadows.


South Maui Coalition of Community Associations Activities

Peter reported on activities: The county needs a Master Drainage Plan before any major development takes place. The Coalition wrote a letter to the Mayor, County Council and other agencies to make this a priority.


Vacant MMNA Board Position

Peter, Craig and Gail’s positions are due to term out at the next annual meeting in January. Peter will not seek re-election. Gail’s position remains vacant and will be placed on the ballot at the January meeting. Emily is welcome to run. Craig has not decided whether he will seek re-election or not.


NEW Business


Expense Reimbursement

Gail Gentry, former Board member, has requested reimbursement of $228 for mailing expenses from 2013. Motion was made to reimburse her. Voted. Passed.


New Development at Wailea Gateway

The MMNA Board was made aware that the Keala O Wailea project includes proposed three-story condos to be built west of Wailea Gateway and there is concern about the view plane of Maui Meadows being affected. There will be a meeting November 25 of the Maui Planning Commission addressing the project.


Planning for Annual Meeting

Discussion, possible speakers and roles assigned for the meeting.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.


Next Meeting: Annual Meeting either January 26 or January 19 at 6 p.m. at Kamalii School Cafeteria pending availability of that room. Peter said Karin will check.