Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | 1-18-2016 Minutes

1-18-2016 Minutes

​Minutes of Annual Meeting of Maui Meadows Neighborhood​ Association
held 1/18/16


​The Annual MMNA meeting formally convened at 6:30 1/18/16 at Kamali’i Elementary School after an informal 1/2 hour of ‘meet and greet’ over Pupu; and a opening Pule by Daniel Kanahele.


Debra Greene, President of MMNA, reported on 2015’s issues and accomplishments including:​ reinstatement of 3-Can Plan, update on Wailea 670 proposed fence replacement, surveys sent out, testifying at hearings and letter writing on various issues, organizing Maui Disposal recycling tours, meet-ups at Mulligans, collaboration with NextDoor Neighbor website, designing and implementing new logo, new website URL, new business cards and new brochures.


Following was election of new MMNA Board members since the terms of Karin Carlson, Joe Ritter and Daniel Kanahele were expiring. Both Joe Ritter and Daniel Kanahele agreed to continue for another term and were confirmed by a majority of members present; and Dawn Neway, volunteered to also be a Board member, and was elected by a majority of members present.


Then Vice-President Daniel Kanahele and Lucienne deNaie, ​President of Maui’s Sierra Club, gave an informative slide show presentation on the history of our special area.


After that Abraham Vandenberg of Maui Invasive Species Committee presented a slide show and explanation of the presence of fire ants and cocqui frogs on the island and suggestions on how to control them from becoming an larger epidemic.


Then Albert Perez, President of Maui Tomorrow, reported on the status of ​Legislation proposed by Don Couch and others that compromises the relationship between the community plans and zoning.​​


​The ​Meeting formally ended at 8:30 pm​.

​Respectfully submitted by Bonnie Newman, Secretary of the Board​