Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | MMNA Board Meeting September 24, 2015

MMNA Board Meeting September 24, 2015

Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association

Minutes of Board Meeting September 24, 2015



Present: President Debra Greene, Vice President Daniel Kanahele, Treasurer Bob Offermann and Directors Jim Van Blarigan and Emily Goss.


Absent:  Secretary Bonnie Newman and Directors Karin Carlson, Joe Ritter and John Catalin.


Call to Order:  At 6:42 PM President Debra Greene performed a roll call, determined a quorum and called the meeting to order.


Approval of Minutes:  Approval of the Minutes of the 8/6/15 and 8/19/15 Board Meeting was tabled until the next meeting for further review.


President’s Report: Debra Greene met with Maui County Councilman Don Couch 8/21/15 and discussed the following items:


  1. There have been complaints of having to pay extra for the 3 can plan which for the most part come from the Kihei route and not Maui Meadows residents. Debra responded (as an individual) to such a complaint found in the letter to the editors section of the Maui News by writing a clarification letter to the Maui News. Don Couch is looking into alternatives which may meet the needs of residents in both neighborhoods.


  1. The Short Term Rental Ordinance was discussed and Don stated that discussion of the STR Ordinance by the County Council was on hold until October 2015.


Debra also discussed the Honua’ula/Wailea 670 project with Lucienne de Naie and learned that an agreement with the Sierra Club is nearing completion.





The “Meet your  MMNA Board” event at Mulligan’s August 15, 2015 was well attended by Maui Meadows residents and was very positively received.


Another similar event is being planned for some Saturday afternoon in early November.  The exact date will be posted after a reservation is made.


Vice President’s Report:  Vice President Daniel Kanahele spoke about community concerns with speeding vehicles in our neighborhood.  When there was a community police officer for South Maui we experienced a timely response from the Police Department to such a complaint, but we no longer have a community police officer.  Daniel was told there would be a new community police officer by the end of this year.  Daniel referred to an article in the Maui News by Albert Perez of Maui Tomorrow which stated that one of the biggest problems facing Maui is lack of enforcement by our government.  Lastly Daniel spoke of the need to strongly encourage our government officials to complete the north-south collector road in South Maui. Daniel will compose a position statement on this and will present it to the Board for review.


Treasurer’s Report:  Our current balance is $6,148.86.  Our expenses for the past month were renewal of our liability insurance and cost of our Post Office box.


Membership:  With the new year coming up soon we will be looking for ways to increase membership through renewal and new members.


Website Report:  No action has been taken yet so there is nothing new to report.


Recycling Report: There is still some confusion as to what should and should not be put into our blue recycling containers.  Debra Greene will resend the guidelines in our newsletter and on Next Door.  Because the County gets charged for any non-recyclables put in the blue bins, and some of the requirements keep changing, a very basic guideline is: “If in doubt, throw it out”.





MMNA By laws:  The Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association By Laws were reviewed by the Board, which resulted in changes to correct errors, clarify the wording and make it consistent throughout, and clarify voting procedures and voting rights.

MOTION:  Amend the By Laws as discussed and agreed upon at this meeting.

The Motion was unanimously approved by the Board.


Cane Burning:  A letter was sent to the State of Hawaii Department of Health voicing concerns about the renewal of HC & S permit to burn sugar cane due to air quality concerns.


FAQs for Website:  Nothing has been done yet on this item.



What Constitutes Board Business?  After some discussion it was concluded that:  If someone is acting on behalf of the Board they should check in with the Board first.


Membership Application: This was tabled until the next meeting.


Next Meeting will be October 29, 2015 at 6:30 PM.


The Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association September 2015 meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.



Respectfully submitted by Jim Van Blarigan, Acting Secretary.