Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | Minutes of Board Meeting November 19, 2015

Minutes of Board Meeting November 19, 2015

Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association

Minutes of Board Meeting November 19, 2015



Present: President Debra Greene, Vice President Daniel Kanahele, Treasurer Bob Offermann, Secretary Bonnie Newman and Directors Jim Van Blarigan, Emily Goss, Joe Ritter and John Catalin.


Absent:  Director Karin Carlson.  Director Bonnie Newman left at 6:40 PM.


Call to Order:  At 6:14 PM President Debra Greene performed a roll call, determined a quorum and called the meeting to order.


Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes of the 8/19/15,  9/24/15 and 10/29/15 BOD meeting were unanimously approved by all present.


President’s Report: Debra Greene and Daniel Kanahele attended a meeting of the Waimahaihai District Neighborhood Association November 8 where some of the topics discussed were: County repairs, neighborhood revitalization, neighborhood watch and fundraising.


Debra also met with Councilman Don Couch and discussed short term rentals.  At the most recent hearing on STRs there were 13 testifiers which were split as to whether the number of STRs allowed should be increased.  There have recently been 10 to 12 notices of warning/violation issued in MM due to illegal rentals.  Don also said that MM will have a community police officer again by January or February.


The State of Hawaii is proposing to offer tax credits to owners who convert their cesspools to a septic system.  But this offer is only for those properties which are close to the ocean and would not apply to Maui Meadows properties.


Treasurer’s Report:  Our current balance is $6,281.82.  The Board approved  reimbursement of expenditures for printer ink and stamps to President Debra Greene.






MMNA Bylaws:   The Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association By Laws

have been updated and will be signed by all Board members.


Website Report:  Secretary Bonnie Newman will send Joe Ritter copies of past Minutes with instructions to post them on our website.


Membership Brochure:  Changes to the proposed brochure were agreed upon by the Board.  Debra Greene will incorporate the changes and prepare the brochure for publication.

MOTION:  Print 100 brochures at Office Max on glossy paper and have it folded.

The Motion was unanimously approved.


Debra also designed a new logo for MMNA which could be used on the new brochure as well as letter head and business cards.  The design must be purchased soon or it will vanish.

MOTION: Purchase the new MMNA logo for $40.

The Motion passed with 6 yes votes and 1 no vote.




Membership Renewal Campaign:  Karin Carlson has volunteered to make all of the member renewal phone calls.  Debra challenged all Board Members to bring in 5 new members in the coming year.


January General Meeting:  As a reminder,  the 2016 General Meeting will be held January 18, 2016 at Kamalii School.  Doors will open at 6 PM with meeting starting at 6:30 PM and ending at 8:30 PM.  The agenda, schedule and preparation for the meeting were discussed and agreed upon by the Board.   Final details for the meeting will be discussed at the December 9, 2015 Board meeting.


Jim Van Blarigan obtained prices for banner signs and sandwich signs from three local vendors for this meeting.  He will work at obtaining approval from residents for placement of the signs.


Next Meeting will be December 9, 2015 at 6:30 PM with the main focus on final preparations for the January 2016 General Meeting.


The Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association November 2015 meeting was adjourned at 9:28 PM.




Respectfully submitted by Jim Van Blarigan, Acting Secretary.