Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | 9-25-2014 Minutes

9-25-2014 Minutes

Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Thursday, September 25, 2014 at CBIP Conference Room/Wailea Gateway Plaza

Present:         Peter Davis, President; Karin Carlson, Vice President, Debra Greene, Secretary;

Daniel Kanahele; Bonnie Newman; Bob Offermann, and Joe Ritter

Guest:         Emily Goss

Absent:      Craig Haueisen


Call to Order:          The meeting was called to order by Peter Davis, President at 6:08 pm

Approval of Minutes:       Motion to accept minutes of 8-26-14. Board voted. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:      Via Peter Craig had reported a balance of $6,066.89


Candidate for Vacant Board Position:     Emily Goss is interested in serving on the MMNA Board and spent some time introducing herself and responding to questions.

Membership update:         Bonnie reported on membership.

Road Maintenance update:       Bob had nothing to report.

Home Based Business Ordinance:       Peter reported on the Home Based Business Ordinance hearing. Discussion. A motion was made to submit the data on the Home Based Business Ordinance from the recent MMNA membership survey to the Home Based Business committee as testimony on behalf of the MMNA. Motion passed.

Website update:   Debra reported on the website. Discussion. Motion was made to expend the $75-100 to have Tom Kelly add website functionality of posting the newsletter and the MMNA Board meeting minutes to the website and to train Debra in how to do this going forward. Motion passed.

PayPal:        Debra reported that there is $119.95 in the MMNA PayPal account from five new memberships paid online. Discussion. Motion was made to transfer the money to the MMNA bank account and to do so on each occurrence going forward. Motion passed.

MMNA and NextDoor:       Debra reported on the relationship of MMNA and NextDoor website. Discussion. Decision was made that any MMNA Board member can post to NextDoor website about MMNA business as long as they add in a line pointing people to the MMNA website.

MMNA Survey results:      Discussion of the MMNA survey results. Motion was made to circulate the MMNA survey results to all MMNA members. Motion passed. Motion was made to distribute the MMNA survey results regarding Honua’ula/Wailea 670, including comments, to Charlie Jencks and Lucienne De Naie.  Motion passed. Motion was made to distribute MMNA survey results regarding 3-Can-Plan to the Mayor. Motion passed.

Motion was made that MMNA advocate for a buffer zone between Maui Meadows and Honua’ula (aka Wailea 670) that is at minimum more than twice the currently proposed size of 100 feet, or the equivalent and that the buffer zone shall work with the natural terrain of the land or lay of the land and that the buffer zone shall be maintained and landscaped with drought tolerant and native plants appropriate to the area and that the fire break shall be planted with fire resistant plants. Discussion. Motion passed. Motion was made to share the above motion with Charlie Jencks and Lucienne de Naie.
Discussion. Motion passed.


DOH proposed changes to Admin. Rules – cesspools:     Peter reported that the Real Estate Assoc. is rallying to protest and stop it. Motion was made that the MMNA craft a letter that decries the proposed changes and asks that the changes not be enacted. Discussion. Motion passed.

Adjournment:8:35 pm

Next Meeting:  Thursday November 6, 2014. This was later rescinded and the new meeting date has yet to be determined. Recent discussion puts it at Thursday, November 20, 6:00 pm Coldwell Banker Island Properties Office/ Meeting Room/Wailea Gateway Plaza