Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association | 1-26-15 Minutes

1-26-15 Minutes

Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting & Election

Monday, January 26, 2015

Kamalii Elementary School Cafeteria

Board Members Present:  Peter Davis, President; Karin Carlson, Vice President; Debra Greene, Secretary; Daniel Kanahele; Bonnie Newman; Bob Offermann; Joe Ritter

Absent: Craig Haueisen, Treasurer

Registration:     6:30pm

Attendance:     80 (approximately)

Call to Order:    The meeting was called to order by Peter Davis at 6:40 pm

Guest Speakers

Officer John Akana, MPD introduced himself and stressed that he is available and wants to work closely with Maui Meadows residents

Kyle Ginoza, Department of Environmental Management Director, spoke about the 3 Can Plan curbside recycling program in Maui Meadows and why it is being cancelled February 1, 2015

 Elle Cochran, Council Member, spoke about the Council’s views on the future of the 3 Can Plan recycling program, favoring its continuation

Lucienne de Naie, member of the Executive Committee, Maui Sierra Club, main plaintiff in litigation against the developers of Wailea 670/Honul’ula, gave the history of the development and how the layout of Honua’ula has changed over the years and advocated that the Maui Meadows buffer be changed (enlarged) accordingly

 Don Couch, Council Member spoke about the number of B&B permits in Maui Meadows (no cap) and short term vacation rentals (cap of 5) and the possibility that the county may increase the cap for the latter.

Review of 2014:   Peter Davis provided a recap of the MMNA’s accomplishments over the year which included getting potholes fixed, opposing the Dept. of Health’s cesspool requirements, updating the MMNA website, advocating changes to the Home Based Business Ordinance, and advocating for continuing the 3 Can Plan.

Nominations:    Three members were nominated: John Rogers Catalin; Emily Goss; and Jim Van Blarigan. There were three positions to fill and three candidates, so there was no need to count ballots. A hand vote was taken in support of the three candidates.

Adjournment:  8:15 pm

Resource Tables:  Stop Smart Meters/Debra Greene

Next Meeting:   February 2, 2015, at Debra Greene’s home in Maui Meadows.